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Bright Composites’ mission is to reduce the cost of renewable energy by driving the development and adoption of the next generation of composite technology. 

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Our Core Values apply to everything we do

Customer Focused: As one team with one voice, we are able to deliver on our promise of providing a pioneering, quality product. We always strive to go above and beyond the expectations of our customers.

Inspiring & Innovative: Sharing and learning together is what strengthens our team, and enables us to turn bright ideas into reality. We’re not afraid to invest in innovative ideas developed and validated in our own R&D lab, in order to improve the quality and increase the value of what we can deliver to you.

Passionate About What We Do: We enjoy facing the unique challenge each new client poses. Our passion and dedication enable us to continually improve our products and services. Our enthusiasm and optimism are infectious!

Excellence: We believe in delivering quality in every aspect of our business, and maintaining transparency with each one of our stakeholders. At Bright Composites we are both ambitious and realistic: we are able to push boundaries because of our confidence in our products and processes.

Teamwork & Fun: We rely on each other, work together and keep the team spirit high by sharing in Team Thursdays; the key ingredients of which are plenty of good food and fun.



How pre-fabs boost production process efficiency

Bright Composites has just completed an order for twelve WES80 blades for Wind Energy Solutions. The blades have been produced in an improved production process, resulting in better quality of the rotor blades and a shorter lead-time.

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Bright Composites joins EU nano-coating research programme

Earlier this year, Bright Composites joined leading independent research organisations TWI from the United Kingdom and TNO from The Netherlands in an EU-supported research programme to advance the knowledge of Nano structured coatings.

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Guest lecture for TU Delft aerospace students

Our Materials and Process Engineer Julie Teuwen returned to her alma mater, TU Delft, to give aerospace engineering students a guest lecture on the use of composites in wind energy.

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Production process optimised for South American blade manufacturer

We helped a South American licensee of turbine manufacturer EWT switch to a more efficient production process for rotor blades. Our Project Manager Martijn van Roermund explains how a re-design of the blade’s spar cap made the improved production method possible.

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Renewtech blades designed by Bright Composites

American turbine manufacturer Renewtech is currently producing new blades at its Indiana factory that were designed by Bright Composites. Our design offers a customized and innovative alternative to the off-the-shelf blades used by Renewtech since the 1990s, explains our Rotor Blades Design Engineer Irfan Zafar.

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